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C Products Defense,  dedicated to creating the most dependable, highest quality magazines on the market

Who We Are

Dedicated to creating the most dependable, highest quality magazines on the market, we here at C Products Defense (CPD) understand that the pursuit of perfection is a never-ending journey. With a drive as solid as stainless steel, and a profuse passion for innovation, you can count on CPD for magazines that work the first time, every time!

Our Products

C Products Defense can ensure the highest quality of magazine manufactured today. Thanks to our cutting edge dies, our robotic welding process, and our stringent quality requirements, every magazine is designed to meet our precise specifications. In fact, we have such confidence in our magazines that we offer a 100% replacement guarantee!

Proudly Made in the USA!

All of the parts, processes, and labor that go into manufacturing C Products Defense magazines are sourced right here in the United States of America!

We take pride in our work, but don't take our word for it. See what people are saying about CPD magazines!

C Products Defense Proprietary Coatings

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C Products Defense Celebrates a 4 Year Milestone -  A New Vision for an Old Company.

Ever since Adel Jamil and his wife Carol purchased the company, C Products Defense was given a new vision, with new engineering, providing new solutions to the shooting industry.    As a result, the company has been recognized for their innovation and technology resulting in some award-winning magazines. 

The old management is completely out and the new management is setting the firearm magazine world on fire.   Carol, who takes care of the front office (while Adel oversees the engineering, production and manufacturing of the magazines), says that even how they source and procure the raw materials for the magazines has changed, ensuring that all C Products Defense magazines are 100% Made in America and operate with zero issues.

Take for example their award-winning 7.62x39 J mags.  These magazines Will Not Jam.   Adel says this is made possible by two key differences, a newly engineered geometry and a proprietary coating that reduces the coefficient of friction.  This is backed up with over 10,000 rounds of testings of the dirtiest ammunition on the planet without one jam or misfeed.  

Adel, who is known as a perfectionist throughout the industry, says he is happy with the progress that the company has made but says there are many new changes to be implemented within the near future that will keep the company at the forefront.   Although Adel and Carol have introduced new technology into an industry use to old manufacturing processes, this year they will be adding to their arsenal of technology to include laser engravers and upgrades for their robotic welders.   "This will ensure the magazines are produced exactly as they are engineered," says Adel, who quickly reminding us that, "the magazine is the heart and soul of the gun and that a Firearm is only as good as its magazine."

This year marks the fourth anniversary of a new vision for an old company.    Adel and Carol plan to celebrate by heading out to the shooting range and enjoying the fruits of their labor.